Division of Learning

  • The Division of Learning provides support for curriculum, instruction, and student assessment in ϲͼ.

    This includes ensuring that the instructional program of the district adheres to Florida Standards and Florida State Statutes. The staff of the Division of Learning supports schools through many areas including the following:

    For links and online resources for students please visit the:

    • ϲͼ Strategic Plan / ϲͼ Improvement & Assistance Plan
    • School Improvement
    • Student Progression Plan
    • School Grades & Accountability
    • Professional Development
    • Exceptional Student Education
    • Career & Technical Education
    • State & ϲͼ Assessment Guidance, Resources, & Support
    • Data Service & Analysis
    • Instructional Materials Adoption
    • Instructional Strategies Implementation
    • English Language Learner Support
    • Federal Programs & Grants
    • Virtual Instruction
    • Home Education
    • Charter Schools